Our Customers

We are the trusted partner of many leading edge authorities, designers and contractors


“Service from Chris and yourselves has been absolutely brilliant… It was unbelievable how easy the products were to use. Everyone’s happy with them…they’re really good. You just plug in and walk away, leaving them to do their job and you don’t have to go back. We’re really pleased.”

Scottish Borders

“…Failure rates to date are very good… out of the 8200 fittings that have received the retrofit we’ve had just 6 or 7 failures, which is really very low. INDO has come up with its own solution to a problem that’s different to everyone else. The gear tray is a good product at a competitive price. We now have a quality LED product in a quality lantern and with no future driver changes to programme in.”

Caerphilly County Borough Council

“We’ve had no problems with the lantern. They were very quick to install and we’ve had very few failures; just four so far out of 2,000 units, two of which were external photocell issues”