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Huge Cost Savings

Because drivers and external photocells are no longer needed; random failures are practically eliminated. AIR2 requires no ongoing replacement part costs and no additional maintenance; drastically reducing asset visit costs and risk. In addition, high efficacy of 135 lumens/watt with no driver losses, provides great overall system efficiency and up to 80% energy saving potential for quick payback.

Direct Drive

For market-leading reliability and whole life cost savings, Direct Drive gives you a product where the luminaire’s life is set just by that of the LED’s themselves. Because you don’t require driver replacement, there are significantly fewer random failures. The removal of the circuit’s weak link also means that a more holistic approach can be taken with thermal management whereby all electronic parts are co-sited on the main heatsink. This means there are no un-monitored, separate compartments; all the heat is managed centrally and extremely effectively.

Lumen Output Packages

AIR2 is available in a wide range of lumen packages from 3,000 nominal flux (22W) through to 20,000 (148W) providing a suitable replacement for 35W to 250W equivalent traditional luminaires

Integrated Photocell

The unique, integrated photocell provides rock solid reliability being integrated into the circuit and featuring no electro-mechanical parts that are often the cause of wear-out. In addition, it can be programmed to prevent day-burning if/when units lose CMS signal.

DALI Enabled

AIR2 offers full CMS compatibility and is DALI enabled. It has a wide dimming functionality (down to 10%) which is achieved with an advanced technical solution that reduces electrical wastage and increases optical effficency. Power factors are maintained at close to unity, a marked improvement over traditional LED drivers. Plus you get the added advantage of no inrush current

COB Technology

Choose AIR2 for market-leading lumen maintenance (L90B50 at 115,000 hours) with excellent colour over angle characteristics and stable CCT. The high efficacy of AIR2’s Chip On Board (COB) technology ensures you get more lumens per watt than many other fittings on the market and further savings in energy consumption.

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