Chris Rayner
National Sales Manager

Getting to know Chris

Chris Rayner is National Sales Manager for INDO Lighting. He joined the company in 2012 as the Northern Region Account Manager and took the role of National Sales Manager in 2016, looking after all the regional sales engineers across the UK and Ireland.  He has a degree in Business Management Studies from the University of York.

Chris has been involved in the YLP and ILP for many years, most recently as Chairperson of the YLP currently Vice Chair for the ILP North East region.

Chris’s background in lighting, before INDO

Chris started in the lighting industry with Iguzzini in 2005, working as North East Sales Engineer.  He went on to join MacLean Electrical in a very similar role for 6 years before embarking on a career with INDO.

What Chris enjoys about working in the the lighting industry

I enjoy my role in the industry as it’s always different from week to week.  Whilst that’s true of any sales role, in this industry you see and meet some great characters, both young and old.  I have also made some very good friends along the way. With light being such a visual thing, I like seeing the rewards of our hard work with projects and schemes as they go in.

Things he’s pretty proud of…
  1. My management of a project in Middlesbrough which came from nothing and ended in a satisfying scheme which looks amazing and to see it in real life other than on paper is a very proud feeling.
  2. Becoming National Sales Manager for INDO.  After 4 years of hard work and contributing to building the company up to a place where we needed a new structure enabled me to apply for the position (and be successful!)  Very satisfying.
  3. Getting my first job is always a highlight. No experience and no knowledge of the industry but getting someone to invest in you as a person after an interview was great.
What gets Chris enthused outside of lighting
  • I can’t get enough of American Football, Pittsburgh Steelers are my Team and I’ll follow them all season.. my Bucket list includes going to a SuperBowl to watch them some day.
  • I love football, watching now but playing when I was younger.
  • Golf is a favourite to unwind but only if the weather is nice.
  • Big fan of anything motorsport which involves GoKarting when I can and riding my motorbike.
And his favourite websites are… ASOS and PINTEREST

Big fan of fashion and styles even if I can’t pull them all off myself! but also like the service they provide