LED Grow Lights for Horticulture

A revolutionary LED Grow Light for the commercial horticultural industry

Designed and manufactured in the UK, INDO ELEMENT takes a different approach to all other greenhouse and nursery lighting systems on the market, in that it is built and operates without the need for an LED driver – saving growers money and the inconvenience of systematic maintenance

If you’re considering the benefits of replacing tired, old lighting that’s inefficient, expensive to run and needs frequent maintenance, INDO Lighting is here to help.

We work in collaboration with growers to create a lighting solution that overcomes the problems and challenges growers typically face.  INDO ELEMENT has been designed specifically to maximise crop development whilst minimising operational costs and hassle.

100,000 Hours Maintenance-free

Introducing Direct Drive®.  Having no driver means customers get the benefit of improved product reliability and lifetime with no maintenance other than routine cleaning

Up to 50% Energy Saving

Save 47% to 53% on energy alone with payback in under 3 years.  Plus significant maintenance cost savings versus traditional driver-LED products

Long term stability

Other horticultural lights use a mix of red and blue LEDs which degrade at different rates and cause significant spectral shift over time.  ELEMENT uses only reliable phosphor-coated blue LEDs, to provide a colour spectrum that’s stable throughout the product’s lifetime; ensuring consistent performance year on year.

Superior thermal performance

LED drivers fail early in hot conditions, resulting in the need for continued maintenance.  By contrast, Direct Drive® technology is ideally suited to high ambient temperature operation and wont give you premature lamp failures

Superior Spectral Match

INDO’s LED technology offers a better spectral match to plant requirements versus high pressure sodium lamps and traditional LED grow light solutions

HPS Replacement

INDO Element is available in a range of wattages to provide equivalent YPF outputs for the most common High Pressure Sodium lamp types.  This makes the product ideally suited for 1 for 1 lamp replacements.