INDO Product Codes

How to order our products

Partnering with INDO means you benefit from our innovative approach across all your interactions with us and that even extends to the way we have designed product ordering!

INDO stock codes are human readable and designed to make the relationship between all our products and their variants quickly identifiable to make your life easier; minimise ordering errors and help ensure stock management accuracy.

The stock code is broken down by 8 product attributes, each separated by a full stop.  Each of the 8 code elements describe important features of the product’s specification and can be referenced in the lookup tables found on the relevant product datasheet.  Click here to request our product catalogue

Stock is held for the most popular specifications across our product portfolio.  By ordering a stock item, lead times can be significantly reduced.  For up to date information on lead time information on non-stock options, please contact us for immediate assistance.

The attributes referenced in are:

  • Category/Model
  • Lamp/Power
  • Colour Temperature
  • Control
  • Dimming
  • Lens Type
  • Luminaire colour
  • Other product variables such as Mounting/Connector, Length, Temperature rating etc.