• Superior optical performance
  • No hinges, clips or lids
  • Super lightweight
  • 145 lumens/watt
  • Upgradeable module
  • Soft start function
  • ENEC Approved


Using INDO’s latest Direct Drive® technology the AIR is the very first streetlight without a driver, resulting in an excellent full product life, set by the LEDs themselves. The unique casting (with no moving parts, clips, lids or hinges) is constructed from marine grade aluminium providing effective thermal management and a robust luminaire structure.

Despite its robustness, the luminaire is extremely light weight at 3.1kg, and the sleek design results in minimal column loading. This is especially important for applications where existing columns have limited life. The lightweight nature of the product, combined with multiple mounting options (available as standard), means that it is extremely easy for a single operator to install.

The INDO Air is supplied in fully recycled and recyclable packaging, with two luminaires supplied in each box. Flat-pack inserts are used and can be easily collapsed following installation for recycling or to be returned to INDO for re-use. A total of 160 luminaires are packed onto a single pallet, providing an efficient solution for stores management.

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10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 35W, 40W



CMS Compatible


Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

> 70

Constant Light Output



20/20 Photocell Fitted, 20mm Pre-drilled, 35/18 Photocell Fitted

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)

3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K

Drive Current

< 25mA

Direct Drive&reg


IP Rating


LED Efficacy

145 lm/W

Lens Type

1C, Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, SW, SWA, SWB

Lumen Maintenance (L80B50)

140,000 hours

Luminaire Colour

Custom ***, Grey, Jet Black


Post top (60-76 mm) and Side entry (34-60 mm)

Operating Temperature Range

-20 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)

Optical Risk Group


Reliability (Failures per million hrs)


S/P Ratio (@4000K)


UMSUG Charge Code(s)

15W 1.6klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0015 0007 100], 20W 2.1klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0020 0034 100], 25W 2.6klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0025 0032 100], 30W 3.2klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [40 0030 0056 100]




0.025 m2

Surge Protection

2kV DM, 4kV CM

To Specify:

A cutting edge functional LED exterior luminaire addressing a range of low output residential lighting applications. Suitable for mounting between 34mm-42mm and 48mm-60mm side entry and 60mm-76mm post top as standard without brackets or adaptors. Optional tilt to be applied without the use of external brackets or spigots; with a mechanism integrated within the body of the luminaire. To be lightweight and low profile, manufactured from LM6 Marine Grade aluminium. Luminaire is to be reliable; with every effort made to reduce component count, and should not contain wet electrolytic capacitors. Luminaire should not require ongoing scheduled maintenance visits – the entire luminaire being suitable for operation to the chosen LxxByy period without any component changes. Luminaire is to have a fully dimmable option, and this option is to be able to interface via NEMA socketry; functioning fully with a range of Central Management Systems. Luminaire should have an included temperature sensor to provide dimming as necessary to protect against high ambient operating temperatures. A temperature dependent soft start feature should be deployed to protect against LED failures at low temperatures. An option should exist for a light sensor, separate from any PECU or NEMA cell, to protect against day burning in the event that a PECU or NEMA cell fails. Front, back and side shields should be available and suitable for mounting directly to the luminaire without additional drilling or tapping required on-site.

As per INDO AIR1

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