WRTL Libra Gear Tray

WRTL Libra Gear Tray

  • Powered by Direct Drive®
  • Pre-programmable dimming
  • DALI enabled
  • World-class reliability
  • Integrated photocell
  • 0.58 failures per million operating hours
  • Zero reactive maintenance
  • Reduced whole life costs and risk
  • WRTL Libra
  • Other models on request


INDO is at the forefront of the market with its impressive range of LED Direct Drive® gear tray retrofit solutions. Available in a wide range of lumen outputs, this unit is cost-effective and simple to fit and boasts technologically advanced features to deliver exceptional energy saving and reliability, as well as significantly lower whole-life costs.

This WRTL Libra retrofit INDO gear tray is a customised lantern-specific solution, designed to use existing features and clamping arrangements to ensure installation is quick, easy and secure. Extend the life of your columns with this high quality and uniquely engineered, driver-less solution that significantly reduces whole life maintenance costs and risk.

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Additional information

Model GearTray

WRTL Libra


10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W

Colour Rendering Index (CRI)

> 70

Constant Light Output



Constant Light Output, DALI, None

Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)

3,000K, 4,000K, 5,000K

Integrated Photocell

20/20 lux (CLO or DALI model only), 35/18 lux (CLO or DALI model only), 55/28 lux (CLO or DALI model only), Not activated (DALI model only), Not fitted


Dimmed to 50% [00:00 – 05:00], Dimmed to 75% [00:00 – 05:00], Dimmed to program, No dimming

Direct Drive&reg


IP Rating


Lens Type

1C, Area 1, Area 2, Area 3, SW, SWA, SWB

Lumen Maintenance (L80B50)

140,000 hours

Operating Temperature Range

-20 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)

Optical Risk Group


Power Factor


S/P Ratio

1.8 [4000K]

UMSUG Charge Code(s)

15W 1.6klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0015 0007 100], 20W 2.1klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0020 0034 100], 25W 2.6klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0025 0032 100], 30W 3.2klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [40 0030 0056 100], 40W 4.2klm RDA1 Direct Drive LED Module [41 0040 0027 100]