T8/PLLS Underpass Lighting

  • Hi Chris, thought you might like to see how good the new LED lights are that we have retrofitted recently... This photo was taken with a flash but was a true image of what it is like. Really impressed.
Client Scottish Borders Council
Location Underpass in Tweedbank near Galashiels
Scope Of Work 10 Units
Schedule 2016
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Project Detail

Scottish Borders Council was looking to carry out works to improve the lighting of underpasses across the Galashiels area; saving money and energy at the same time.  Following successful trials in Jedburgh, the council chose INDO’s unique Direct Drive® PLLS and T8 as their LED replacement lamps of choice. The client has around 6 other underpasses each with different types of fluorescent tubes that needed to be replaced, many of which were unreliable and these will be having INDO retrofit lamps fitted early 2017.

INDO’s custom-designed retrofit LED lamps were found to be much better; a big difference in terms of lighting levels and reliability. And ease installation has impressed the council too. Because there is “no need to muck about with any starter unit or do any re-wiring whatsoever. Put them in, that’s the end of the story. Done. It’s so much quicker”.  Zero failures since the first units were installed back in 2015 has really pleased the client too. In particular, one underpass regularly floods in high water, such that the lamps are under the water-line – “and they still continue to operate!

For the council, this is a major benefit as it means the team can concentrate on other work and doesn’t have to waste time and costs dealing with the hassle of sorting out problematic locations and the associated public complaints.

Service from Chris and yourself has been absolutely brilliant. Chris’ predecessor introduced us to the product initially for the first job in Jedburgh and it was unbelievable how easy the products were to use and install…  With the savings we are making on energy, this is helping with budgets and with carbon footprint. They’re really good. You just plug in the lamp as normal and the small fuse into where the starter was located and walk away, leaving them to do their job and you don’t have to go back. We’re very pleased with the INDO products and will be using more in the coming year.

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