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…Many thanks for your help in getting the 20W Air1 Lanterns to me so quickly, fantastic customer service

E.ON, Project Manager

Service from Chris and yourself has been absolutely brilliant. Chris’ predecessor introduced us to the product initially for the first job in Jedburgh and it was unbelievable how easy the products (PLLS and T8) were to use and install. There’s no flicker, they start really quickly and give off good quality light. With the savings we are making on energy this is helping with budgets and with carbon footprint – they’re really good. You just plug in the lamp as normal and the small fuse into where the starter was located and walk away, leaving them to do their job and you don’t have to go back. We’ve had zero failures since the first units were installed back in 2015. In particular, one underpass regularly floods, such that the lamps are under the water-line and they still continue to operate! We’re very pleased with the INDO products and will definitely be using more in the coming year.

Scottish Borders

We wanted to find a good value lantern but also, because SOX replacement lamps are so expensive and hard to come by, something that could be used as a maintenance lantern – a cost effective lantern that will do the same job well and keep the public happy.
We dealt with Chris at INDO who was very approachable and knowledgeable. He came in and provided us with a sample, did a demonstration and explained that we could do a trial. It was very easy to deal with INDO and the results have exceeded our expectations.

City of Bradford MDC

Westminster City Council have had a number of problems with the arcade illumination of Victoria Street over a number of years , the units were difficult to maintain and experiencing high fault levels.

A number of potential solutions were considered but the most attractive all round solution was a relatively simple LED tube replacement from INDO. INDO supported the design team at WSP UK in providing all of the technical data so that robust system comparisons could be undertaken.

This straightforward solution has delivered beyond expectation, while it delivers the energy and maintenance savings expected for any project today, it has also delivered excellent uniformity at the colour temperature of 3000k required by Westminster.

The environment is now warm and inviting and unit failures are a thing of the past. This project has been very successful and currently giving no cause for concern and is demonstrating value for money.

Westminster CIty Council

For the last six years Middlesbrough Council has sought to reduce its carbon emissions as part of its ongoing commitment to help manage climate change. The introduction of LED products into this area has made a long term positive impact on this issue so finding the right product for the task in hand has never been more important. Working with INDO Lighting we have managed to tackle several different aspects of lighting through a bespoke and flexible approach… Our enthusiasm for finding solutions is more than matched by their enthusiasm to provide them.
INDO lighting have shown their willingness to provide solutions for quite a range of lighting aspects, including assistance with design and implementation of the work. I am looking forward to working alongside them on other projects in the future.

Middlesborough Council

INDO Lighting UK has provided excellent service, products and technical back up to the highways department at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for over four years. The Council has benefited from reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

The energy savings per capital costs are impressive. We have always found INDO Lighting to be very professional and open to new ideas and concepts, with a range of products that is growing all the time.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

I would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and let you know how impressed we have been with the innovative nature of INDO Lighting…. Since the lighting has been installed I am very pleased that we have had zero failures to date. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Thank you for your great efforts.

Havering Borough Council

Very successful, reliable product with over 50% energy saving, eliminating maintenance visits for the next 7-10 years, enabling savings on revenue budget.

Kent County Council

In all, the INDO solution exceeded expectations on all fronts. INDO have proved to be a very reliable innovative company that offer excellent customer service both pre and post project. I would not hesitate to recommend the company or their products.

Southwark Council

INDO lighting have shown their willingness to provide solutions for a range of lighting aspects, including assistance with design and implementation of tunnel lighting in Midlothian. I am looking forward to working alongside them on other projects in the future

Midlothian Council

Just to let you I have done a few night surveys of the area we rolled out the Retro-Fit Gear Trays, looks great, I’m really pleased

Southwark Council