INDO UMSUG Charge Codes

Need to find the designated UMS (UMSUG) charge code for your product? Download our handy lookup tool below...
Download Charge Code Easy Lookup Tool >

How to Use:

  • To find the correct designated INDO UMS charge code download the excel file (click link above).
  • There are two tabs in the spreadsheet; the first contains our easy lookup tool, while the 2nd is a basic table comprising the complete list of UMS charge codes
  • Using the tool, simply select the correct product name and specification from the drop-down selectors (being careful to pick the correct wattage or lumen output) and the UMS charge code and description will be auto-generated.

Please note: As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, INDO regularly reviews and updates its products to improve energy efficiency and performance. All UMSUG codes referenced here are correct in application to current product variants. UMSUG codes for historic products are available on request.  Full Elexon charge codes, switch regime details and more resources can be found on the Elexon website.

If you have any queries or assistance, please contact us