What's New in Exterior Lighting

Introducing Direct Drive

What’s New in Exterior Lighting

There’s something NEW in the AIR!

A new breed of product is now rolling off the production lines at INDO’s Southampton manufacturing facility.

And the innovation seems to be causing quite a stir in the industry with its highly competitive price point…

The company has developed a range of LED luminaires and retrofit solutions that feature innovative Direct Drive® technology, eliminating the need for a traditional LED driver and its electrolytic capacitor; a common “wear-out” component.  The new technology uses high voltage LEDs driven at below 25mA, combined with innovative circuitry that regulates the current.  The end result?  High reliability, increased scheme life and very few random failures; giving customers exceptional value through lower whole lifetime costs.

If you are interested in our range of Direct Drive products, please contact us for more information.