INDO Launches PIR Sensor Options

Adaptive street lighting system capabilities launched

In 2019, INDO Lighting added two Sensor Ready, certified PIR product variants to its Direct Drive® range.  This means customers have the option to install an adaptive street lighting system that has no wear-out components.

Local authorities and private clients increasingly want adaptive exterior street lighting that responds intelligently to movement from pedestrians, cyclists and cars.  Now, both INDO AIR2 and SiCURA are available with this smart city functionality.


AIR2 with PIR Adaptive Street LightA motion sensor is permanently, yet discreetly located on the base of the unit. This provides automatic control of the lighting and interfaces seamlessly with the INDO Direct Drive® system. A range of standard and bespoke options control the unit when occupancy is detected within a 16m radius at 7m mounting height.

AIR2: more info and datasheet >


SiCURA Adaptive Lighting LuminaireINDO SiCURA offers a highly configurable solution.  The adaptive street lighting system is set up either at the point of installation or some point in the future. The contractor simply installs a Zhaga ‘plug and play’ motion sensor into the units’ downward-facing connection.  Sensors can be exchanged in the future if motion sensing is no longer required

SiCURA: more info and datasheet >


Both PIR systems operate via DALI control and therefore have no mechanical relay switching – eliminating ongoing maintenance to deliver class-leading reliability, lifetime and lower carbon footprint.  This is in keeping with INDO’s no wear-out philosophy,

If required, the settings for your adaptive street lighting system (such as range, dimming levels and delay timings) can all be reconfigured wirelessly from the ground via either an app in the case of SiCURA or a hand-held device for AIR2.

INDO is also happy to recommend reliable third party components such as Zhaga sensors and programming handsets to customers.  Contact us for more help and support with this

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