Experience the INDO Difference

Why should you choose us?


INDO insists on only the highest quality components throughout every process to guarantee you get the best end result


Smarter engineering and product design mean INDO products deliver market leading performance


Get new solutions to the everyday challenges you face with INDO’s innovative experitise and collaborative approach


Co-ordinating every project is easy with your dedicated INDO account manager.  We visit often and provide all the support you need


Install products into your network that have been intelligently designed to give you maximum performance and value


For us, looking after customers isn’t just about sales; its about having the right attitude; building trust and relationships that last


Whilst you might not specify this, its good to know buying from INDO means you are supporting UK manufacturing


Rigorous testing and QC processes back up every promise we make; from component assembly to packing standards


Whether we’re talking re-usable luminaire packaging or WEEE compliance, sustainability is a key focus across the business


If you need help applying for funding, INDO will assist with building a business case, calculating paybacks and more


As an Elexon approved test house and with ISO9001 status, you can be sure of our expertise

Component Quality

In a market that is susceptible to inferior products through cost cutting, the INDO brand stands for high performance, trust and quality not least because, at their core, our circuits are built with stability in mind and feature only the finest components on the market.  We refuse to compromise on quality or cut costs by using mediocre parts and have a rigorous supplier and component selection process to ensure every single unit produced meets our stringent standards.

We know how important it is that the products you install deliver what you need them to across your network, day in, day out, with as few failures as possible.

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Since the lighting has been installed I am very pleased that we have had zero failures to date


INDO’s excellent performance record is fast gaining recognition in the market; speaking volumes of our brand and the expert team behind it.  Failure rates continue to track well below that of many other ‘market leaders’ due to our cutting edge product design, circuitry and manufacturing processes.

Of course failure is just one part of the picture.  Whether you are specifying for a local authority, developer or lighting designer, INDO understands that performance must measure up in terms of optical efficacy, energy efficiency as well as ease of product installation and maintenance.  We work hard to tick every box so that you get maximum value from your investment.

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New Customer Acquisition


...our enthusiasm for finding solutions is matched by INDO's enthusiasm to provide them.

Innovation is at the very core of our business; driven by a highly experienced team of engineers and designers with over 25 years combined experience.  As one of Europe’s largest suppliers of Direct Drive®  LED technology (one the most innovative technological innovations to hit the market since the arrival of Blue Chip Semiconductors) INDO is proud to design its own circuitry and continuously invest in product development, testing and manufacturing.

From tailored optical designs to the creation of brand new lamps and luminaires, (for example our Patent pending, photo-sensing PLUE lamp) INDO is leading the way in lighting technology, using true engineering discipline and recognizing the importance of design principles to develop solutions to the everyday problems faced by the streetlighting industry

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Account Management

In order to provide the best possible service and build close working relationships with customers, we assign every customer their own local, dedicated account representative who knows their region well, understands the market and will provide a genuinely personalised service.  In this way we guarantee you get a single point of contact available to take your call whenever you need them.

As a company we care about our customers, striving for excellence in every area.  Your account manager’s sole purpose is to provide you with a high standard of personal support that is right for your needs.  The team are all highly experienced and fully trained; able to deal with a range of issues.

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Product Design

Uniquely, we design all our own circuitry from scratch and are proud of our approach which means we continuously innovate to bring exciting new products to the market.  The team will never simply copy an existing design but lead the way by working collaboratively with clients to develop fresh ideas and concepts that answer their needs.

Our ideas and designs are focused around developing exterior lighting products that are stable, robust and deliver class-leading lifetimes.  We are ambitious, but always remain grounded by applying rigorous technological and design principles in the quest for high quality products that work well, and are easy to install and maintain.

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Customer Service

The lanterns were delivered on time and come with the excellent customer service we have become accustomed to when dealing with INDO.

Our customer-centric culture runs through every level of the business, from the Board of Directors through to the shop floor.  It’s just one of the reasons INDO has become a well known and trusted brand.

Because complaint and failure rates are so low, we are able to focus entirely on positive and proactive customer care.  With INDO’s network of national sales staff and dedicated lighting design engineers, customers have access to wide-ranging experience and support; from technical help through to design services.  Members of the team attend a full calendar of industry events across the UK too so there are many opportunities to hear our technical experts give papers and to talk to the wider team about how we can help you.

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UK Manufacture

Whilst it might not be something that commissioning companies specify for their exterior lighting projects, INDO believes bringing its manufacturing back to the UK offered customers many commercial benefits and the decision to do so was done on the basis of achieving the best overall result, not only for patriotic reasons.

INDO is committed to design, develop and build the majority of it’s product range out of dedicated warehouse and factory facilities in Southampton.  We can deliver shorter lead times, giving customers greater flexibility and increasing our certainty of delivery times.  From a product quality point of view too, we can maintain much closer monitoring of quality standards and use local, highly experienced operatives, which is great for the local employment market.

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Quality Testing

The majority of INDO’s products are designed, built and tested in the UK which means we are able to maintain full control over every process, notably Quality Control.  Proper burn in tests and thorough component inspection (AOI – automated optical inspection) are carried out on all our PCBs, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

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From the products themselves to the way INDO conducts its business, we pay attention to sustainability and how we can continue to scale in a sustainable manner.  Our sustainability policy governs a raft of measures for ensuring the business operations are responsible and that we help our customers to be sustainable too.

From ensuring comprehensive waste minimisation across all our offices through to the development of re-usable luminaire packaging, we make sustainability a  priority.

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View Charge Codes

As a leading manufacturer in the street lighting industry, we understand the immense importance that the charge codes play in the market.  Accordingly, we continually invest in product quality and processes which has allowed INDO Lighting to both achieve ISO9001 status and become an accredited Elexon test house.  Our team work closely with Elexon to ensure everything we provide and receive from them is current and applicable to all products.  You can lookup the charge codes you need either by checking the relevant product webpage (within the technical specification section) or referencing our current full listing in the resource centre.

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INDO recognises that obtaining funding for energy efficiency projects can be time consuming.  Our team proactively helps customers by providing business case support, documentation and liaising with funding organiations, such as Salix Finance to secure project funding.

We will work with you to run bespoke energy calculations and costings analysis to generate payback periods and return on investment reports as required to submit with your business case application.  Depending on your requirements, we can include maintenance savings alongside basic energy savings and will use our experience of working with funding organisations to ensure your application has a good chance of success.

Contact us, using the subject option: ‘business case’ if you would like more information


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