Bryony Light
Marketing Manager

Getting to know Bryony

Bryony Light manages all the marketing activity for INDO.  She graduated from Bournemouth University in 1998 with a degree in Business Studies and Marketing.  Since then she has worked almost exclusively in B2B marketing within the SME sector covering varied industries from fresh produce to IT services.  Although having no previous experience within lighting, she brings a rigorous, multi-disciplined approach where the basic principles apply, regardless of sector and, of course, a winning USP in her highly appropriate surname!

What interests Bryony about the lighting industry

Of all the industries I’ve worked in, this is the most friendly and sociable by far!  I’ve really enjoyed finding out about the technology and what it can achieve, getting familiar with the markets and understanding the different customer requirements – there’s been a lot to learn.  It’s been great too to work on a product that you can see all over the country.  Whilst most people don’t take much notice of streetlights, I get a real buzz to know our products are installed, silently lighting the journeys everyone makes every day.  I’m excited to be involved in helping grow such a dynamic and innovative business.

Things she’s most proud of…
  1. Contributing to INDO being shortlisted for and winning awards for its products and technology
  2. Telegraph Video (currently in production)
  3. Developing a number of marketing departments from scratch
What Bryony gets up to in her spare time
  • Cookery
  • Gardening
  • Spending quality time with the family
  • Walking and strength training
  • Photography
  • Reading
And her favourite website is… Dropbox

Because it performs a complex and fundamental requirement so beautifully and well.  Particularly when it comes to storing photos and videos; whether that’s protecting memories so they can’t be stolen or making a lifetime of media so easily and instantly shareable.