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Category: Blog

GreenTech 2024

GreenTech 2024

Paul, Antoine and Stuart will be exhibiting at GreenTech Amsterdam next month. Last year, we showcased our new vertical farming light, the VertiLink and it was a huge success. This year, we will be displaying our new TerraLink top light. With…

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Introducing INDO SkySync

Introducing INDO SkySync

INDO SkySync CMS serves as an open Smart City Platform and management system, capable of configuring, overseeing, and monitoring various luminaires and connected devices. INDO SkySync is designed to deliver many essential advantages to cities. INDO SkySync is a fully self…

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Bat friendly lighting in the public realm - a case study

Bat friendly lighting in the public realm – a case study

Research and trials have confirmed that wildlife is heavily reliant on good urban planning and sensitive product choice for successful ecological outcomes.  In particular, over-lighting, and directional spill can harm bat habitats.  Attitudes are changing now but, leading bat researchers have…

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INDO Reviews BS 5489-1:2020 – Overview & S/P Ratios

Scott Pengelly, Rebecca Hatch and Bryony Light met remotely in September to discuss the recently revised BS5489-1: 2020 standards published earlier in the year.  The team took an in-depth look at the three main themes behind the changes, enabling a mini-series…

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Photometry: Absolute or Relative?

Lawrence Baynham and Toby Penter look at the two approaches to presenting street lighting manufacturers’ data. When designing for a street lighting installation, the quality and accuracy of photometric data is of paramout importance. You’re probably aware that manufacturers’ data can…

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Horticulture Lighting: PPF vs YPF, Measuring up for Success

Lighting for horticulture is no new concept; but LED is bringing a step change to the industry, with growers able to tailor and tweak different spectral intensities in ways unheard of with previous technologies. However, as the technology develops, are the…

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One Lens to Rule Them All

In ten years, LED lighting has gone from a technological buzzword to the industry standard, with exponential improvements in optical control and energy efficiency. How have LEDs changed? What challenges do product developers face? And what’s next for the technology? The…

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Oh I do like to light beside the seaside

Implementing effective street lighting schemes in harsh environments, such as exposed coastal locations with a strong maritime influence, requires products that are designed to withstand a great deal more than most inland conditions demand. Having a wide operating temperature range is…

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To B50 or not to B50 – LED Maintenance Factors

When considering the correct lamp lumen maintenance factors for LED street lighting, accounting for the correct amount of lumen depreciation is a critical part of ensuring a lighting design complies with end-of-life requirements. But are lighting professionals asking the right questions…

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Direct Drive CMS Compatibility

[gdlr_space height=”50px”] The myths about Direct Drive® [gdlr_quote align=”center” ]“There’s a secret driver”  “It can’t be dimmed, it isn’t CMS compatible”  “It won’t work with my system” [/gdlr_quote] [gdlr_space height=”50px”] So, what is the truth? INDO’s Direct Drive® Technology IS compatible…

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