Chiantel Turner
Warehouse Manager

Get to know Chiantel

Chiantel joined us in 2018. She was with Argos for 14 years where she had worked her way up from a Christmas temporary worker to store manager. Following that, she moved to warehouse operations for I-Force; the online fulfilment operators for John Lewis. After relocating to Southampton, she joined Import Services as Returns Manager before being promoted to second in command.

As warehouse manager Chiantel is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of all products at INDO.

What do you like about lighting industry and what gives you job satisfaction?

There’s always new technology being developed.  I get great satisfaction from completing tasks in an efficient manner and always looking at ways to continuously improve

Things she’s pretty proud of…

  1. My progress through Argos
  2. Only receiving 1 minor penalty mark in my FLT training with Iforce. This was the best score ever for someone to pass.

How Chiantel enjoys her free time

  • Eat out with friends
  • Walking the family cocker spaniel (George)
  • Cooking

And her favourite website is… AMAZON!

It’s a shoppers paradise without leaving the house