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Exterior Lighting

Welcome to INDO’s comprehensive collection of Exterior Street Lighting solutions.

Our commitment to well-lit and safe urban spaces is illuminated through our diverse range of cutting-edge outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether it’s well-trafficked city streets, serene suburban lanes, or commercial premises, we understand that the right lighting plays a pivotal role in enhancing aesthetics, bolstering security, and promoting community engagement. Our meticulously designed LED luminaires not only exude modern elegance but also prioritise energy efficiency and longevity. With a focus on blending seamlessly into various architectural landscapes, our Exterior Street Lighting options offer a harmonious marriage of form and function

The Ranges

  • Functional Luminaires
  • Gear Trays
  • Heritage Lanterns
  • Contemporary Luminaires
  • Retrofit Lamps

Functional Luminaires:

The functional luminaire range is built for performance. Whether you’re lighting a small car park or a motorway, INDO has you covered. With luminaires ranging from 500 to 50,000 lumens, and optics to fit any application, INDO has carefully designed its luminaires to provide clients with the best solution.

Gear Trays:

When a fitting is still adequate for use, but the control gear within becomes outdated, the obvious solution is to replace the whole luminaire, leading to high costs and disposal of significant materials. With the introduction of INDO’s Gear Trays, a luminaire can be upgraded to the latest tech without replacing the fitting, keeping current aesthetics and reducing costs.

Heritage Lanterns:

With colour temperatures ranging from 2200K to 5000K, INDO’s Heritage Lanterns can be used to fit any desired aesthetic, whilst boasting market leading efficiency and negating lifetime maintenance costs. With an expected life of 25 years and a 10 year warranty, INDO’s Heritage Range blends classic design with unbeaten performance.

Contemporary Luminaires:

INDO has a range of contemporary lanterns, which bring modern functionality and additional style. They come in various designs and use the same energy-efficient technology as the functional range.

Retrofit Lamps:

 With the new RoHS changes, INDO has introduced a range of LED lamp retrofits, which provide massive energy and lifetime cost savings with minimal effort.