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Gear up to maximise your streetlight assets

Gear up to maximise your streetlight assets

For councils with stocks of lanterns that have plenty of life left in them, upgrading to LED with retrofit gear trays is a smart way to get instant energy savings without the hefty capital outlay. And now, the options available for going down this route are even wider with the launch of INDO Lighting’s mid-power Direct Drive® module; providing up to 20klm output in a compact retrofit solution and no need for a driver.

As with our existing range of gear trays, the RDA2 module is a lightweight, single-component solution that’s carefully engineered to clip quickly and easily into place without the need for re-wiring. However, what makes these gear trays really stand apart is clear the moment you see and handle the product; it’s streamlined, neat and robustly built. Everything is cleverly integrated into one standalone, IP66 rated module, which delivers a number of benefits, not least the fact that clients don’t need to worry about procuring new gaskets or seals.

Gear tray innovation continues with INDO’s integrated photocell.

This is an option available across the entire gear tray range, from 3 klm (21W) up to 20 klm (143W), and was developed by the team in response to customer feedback highlighting the widespread issue of photocell failure. The integrated sensor is part of a holistic system; designed into the circuit specifically to operate with all other components. It’s mounted to the main PCBA, pointing directly at the ground (so responds to the luminance level recorded on the street) and contains no electro-mechanical relay switches that so often cause wear-out and failure in external photocells.

Of course, as technology continues to develop apace, customers are still cautious about choosing the right time to invest in LED. So, just replacing the unreliable and outdated elements of a system makes a lot of sense. Clients can take advantage of the new technology, enjoy quick paybacks and avoid the high cost and risks of installing a completely new scheme. With the new, higher powered and DALI-enabled module, we are able to meet many more requirements, and all with Direct Drive®.

Customers are increasingly recognising that, with INDO, you’re getting a high quality, more reliable solution at the right price. Check out the case study here >

INDO builds gear trays for a huge range of existing lanterns and wattage/lumen outputs but uniquely with no driver or external photocell to maintain or replace. And we tick all your performance and energy saving boxes too!  #uniquelyINDO