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Horticultural Lighting

Horticulture lighting has revolutionised agriculture by offering precise control over light conditions, enabling year-round cultivation, faster growth, higher yields, and improved plant characteristics. It plays a vital role in addressing global food production challenges and climate change.

Additionally, horticulture lighting enhances resource efficiency and sustainability. Technologies like LED lighting reduce energy consumption and operating costs, lowering the carbon footprint of agriculture. It also enables vertical and indoor farming in urban areas and challenging climates.

Furthermore, horticulture lighting drives scientific research, deepening our understanding of plant biology and offering solutions for optimising plant health, nutrition, and new plant varieties. This synergy between research and application solidifies horticulture lighting’s pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable global food production.

Our Products:


VERTILINK is the latest LED Grow Light for the commercial horticultural industry. With its minimalistic, ultra-thin design, VERTILINK excels in vertical farming applications. The lack of shadowing and ultra wide lens allows fewer lights to be used, while still achieving the same levels of performance. Different spectrum options are available, based upon the required application, giving growers the ability to tailor the lighting to their needs. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, VERTILINK boasts a sleek design, high performance and a long lifetime. This unique profile offers superior cooling whilst ensuring maximum water run-off and minimal trapped debris. Operating at SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage), VERTILINK is an advanced yet simple product offering from INDO.


The INDO HORTILINK is a brand new offering in the horticultural market, building on the knowledge gained from the INDO ELEMENT
product, and takes everything to the next level. INDO HORTILINK offers a unique combination of features and functionality, built by a team of engineers who have carefully looked at every aspect of the design to produce a system that is flexible, reliable and efficient. INDO’s in-house electronics development team ensures the product works to the highest standards, with a great aesthetic form factor.


INDO ELEMENT is a new LED Direct Drive® Grow Light for the commercial horticultural industry. Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, this innovative product takes a different approach to all other greenhouse and nursery lighting systems on the market; it is built and operates without the need for an LED driver – improving reliability and lifetime as well as saving growers money and operational hassle.