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INDO Coronavirus Update 3

INDO Coronavirus Update 3

During the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the INDO team kept busy taking on a project to deliver reusable PPE to NHS trusts in the UK.

PeRSo, a Powered air-purifying Respirator (PAPR) is being delivered by INDO on behalf of Baynhams. PeRSo 3 has received certification and HSE approval for use in healthcare and PeRSo 1 is going through final stages of full certification currently allowing the universal sale of the product

For more information or the history of the project visit;

So, we’re back to full steam ahead with lighting!

INDO has a full range of robust COVID-secure controls and measures in place in line with government guidelines and these internal procedures are continually in review to allow us to continue to operate safely within the boundaries

We are glad to have the full INDO team safely back to work now, delivering lighting projects both from home and in the office.  Our Southampton factory is operating at full capacity.  In addition, we are currently recruiting four roles across the business, please check out our careers page for more information;