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We’re ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

We’re ISO 9001 and 14001 certified

INDO’s maintained ISO 9001 and recently achieved ISO 14001 certifications demonstrate our total commitment to both quality assurance and environmental sustainability.  The certifications are proof the values we promote are not empty promises but genuinely embedded into the company culture and our way of doing things.

Click here to find and download PDF copies of the certificates

We achieved ISO 9001:2015 back in March 2018 and were recertified this year; evidence that INDO continues to remain focused on product and service quality, consistently working towards and meeting customer expectations.  Success across several quality management principles underly the ISO standards, including:

  • strong customer focus
  • unified and proactive leadership
  • engaged and empowered staff
  • robust quality management system and performance
  • ongoing focus on improvement
  • evidence-based decision making
  • high-level relationship management

Then, in February 2020, INDO successfully passed ISO 14001:2015; the standard for environmental management and performance.  ISO 14001 challenges companies to be environmental stewards both corporately and as a body of individual employees, to meet legal requirements but also to go beyond that.  To perform in a manner appropriate to the climate challenges we face and to support a culture of continual improvement.  Environmental issues are managed as an integral part of our strategic planning process and are not simply the remit of one person.  We review and manage all significant environmental aspect and impacts, such as:

  • energy usage
  • air emissions
  • greenhouse gas emissions
  • water utilisation
  • waste management

INDO’s ISO 14001:2015 highlights include:

  1. 100% cardboard waste is baled and recycled
  2. 100% plastic waste is recycled for reuse
  3. Single use plastic removed from >95% of packaging
  4. <3% INDO waste goes to landfill, with objective in place to meet zero
  5. Targeted reduction in carbon footprint
  6. Direct Drive® enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce waste to landfill

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