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INDO launches wide-ranging photometry update on Lighting Reality

INDO launches wide-ranging photometry update on Lighting Reality

INDO has recently submitted a wholesale update to Lighting Reality, significantly increased the number of photometric data files now available to designers and specifiers, adding over 3,000 product variants and improved efficiencies across its sustainable Direct Drive® product range.

In addition to 4000K, users will be able to select warmer colour temperature options; 2700K and 3000K across all applicable lantern types and LED engines. This covers INDO’s functional and decorative range as well as its unique gear tray collection, a cost-effective LED upgrade option for existing luminaire housing. The INDO gear tray catalogue is constantly expanding and now available for over 100 different models

Along with the data boost, INDO has taken the opportunity to restructure the presentation of its photometric data files into a more user-centric format; leading by product application (Amenity, Functional, Gear trays and Heritage), making it easy for designers to quickly access the information they need.

Following the folder structure down, leads users to product type (SiCURA, AIR1, AIR2, AIR3 for example) then into applicable engine types (OPUS, CHROMA or NAVIGATOR), on to the range of optical solutions and then finally offers colour temperature (from a warm 2700K up to neutral 4000K).

Alongside this more user-friendly approach, INDO has also replaced some of the internal company reference coding elements, with a more simplified naming convention to deliver a better user experience

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