INDO launches SiCURA Video

Smart City LED Lighting Solution, SiCURA video launch

SiCURA is the new Direct Drive® Smart City LED lighting solution from INDO Lighting. It prepares local authorities for whatever Smart City lighting will be in the future while also meeting the functional demands of today.

This lightweight luminaire is simple to install with a universal post top, or side entry integrated mounting system. Critically, it does not require a driver.  With no wear-out components, other than the LEDs themselves, maintenance becomes highly predictable and controllable

INDO Lighting is the only company that’s able to give the market competitive choice in terms of smart city LED street lighting solutions.  And that puts customers back in the driving seat!

Have a look at the video of SiCURA being made in our UK factory, here in Southampton.  Courtesy of the guys at Millstream Productions

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