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Introducing INDO SkySync

Introducing INDO SkySync

  • INDO SkySync CMS serves as an open Smart City Platform and management system, capable of configuring, overseeing, and monitoring various luminaires and connected devices.
  • INDO SkySync is designed to deliver many essential advantages to cities.
  • INDO SkySync is a fully self commissioning node.
  • A single upfront cost includes a 10 year data plan (other options available).
  • INDO SkySync boasts best-in-class geographical coverage, using multi-network NB-IoT.


  • Responsive, user-friendly and secure Web Interface
  • At-a-glance interactive map displaying device status, network overview, and outage locations
  • Personalised user profiles/roles with custom rights


  • Integration of assets with 3rd party software via RESTful API
  • Supports various luminaire models
  • Control of program light schedules, calendars, and dynamic lighting events


  • Configurable fault types for ease of maintenance
  • Custom reports available for specialised data collection
  • Accurate and real-time energy consumption and outages data