Lighting Reality Update

11 August 2020

New and improved photometric data set launches on Lighting Reality

Lighting Reality, the leading outdoor & street lighting design software for lighting engineers, is releasing a new dataset from INDO this week.  This latest update features our most comprehensive range of photometric options from across the INDO luminaire and gear tray range

Why choose INDO?

We are the UK’s most innovative lighting manufacturer, specialising in the design and manufacture of Direct Drive® luminaires, retrofit gear trays and lamps.  Our unique technology offers customers better value for money through improved lighting performance and energy consumption, plus substantial savings on capital and maintenance costs as well as a lower environmental footprint.

Manufactured at our facility in Southampton, INDO prides itself on producing reliable, cost-effective lighting solutions across the full range of application areas – from residential streets to motorways and railway platforms to public realm.

INDO brings its most comprehensive data set to the Lighting Reality photometric database that includes:

  • A New Light EngineOPUS2: Improved efficacy, increased output (up to 4500 Lumens) and DALI control available as standard across all AIR1 and applicable INDO Gear Tray products.
  • Extended AIR RangeAIR3: For higher output applications such as motorways, trunk roads & high mast projects, where reliability and safety are mission-critical, the INDO AIR3 is a market-leading choice – up to 50Klm and weighing less than 12kg.
  • Extended Lens OptionsSiCURA: Additional optical solutions for Smart City projects are now available for INDO’s Sensor Ready Luminaire, SiCURA.  Dynamic
    DALI1/DALI2 interoperability comes as standard.
  • Improved File Structure and Notation: Finding the right optic at the correct output is now easier than ever.  All products are available in warmer colour temperatures 3000K and 2700K as required.  Browse our exterior lighting category or contact us directly to find these or for any additional photometric options
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