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New customer tools

New customer tools

Working with suppliers should be about making your life easier, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that ensures you, in turn, can deliver the products and service your customers need, on time and to the quality they expect.

To that end, INDO is focused on high-level customer service and operates a philosophy of continuous improvement across all areas of the business.  This year has seen the team working on a number of tools to help customers at various points along the supply chain.

1. UMSUG code builder

A simple, downloadable file that allows customers to plug in their INDO product spec and instantly find out the most up to date UMSUG code and applicable wattage.

2. New online returns process

Launching on 1st October, this is tool is designed to give customers greater control over reporting, trouble-shooting and the return of any problematic units.  Our custom-designed online form provides a range of technical checks and tips for contractors to work through (and be aware of) before going removing a unit for return.

Customers can complete the whole process themselves or run through with their account manager.  Again, our aim is to improve handling efficiency, reduce unnecessary delays by ensuring all the correct information is logged and improve the INDO returns experience.

Please note, by launching this form, we are not saying we expect customers to have issues with failures.  As a business, we are confident customers won’t have many items to return due to the quality and reliability of Direct Drive®.  There are however always infancy and random failures, so we feel its better to be realistic about this and prepared to provide as frictionless a returns process as possible.

3. Online access to installation sheets

A fresh, new design for INDO luminaires is being rolled out across our Direct Drive range, with linked QR codes soon to be added to individual product labels and packaging too.  In addition, digital copies of the installation sheets will be added to the website both on individual product pages and in a single quick lookup library page here

4. Telephone system upgrade

Finally, as part of our regular, customer service review, we found the ‘front of house’ experience of calling INDO’s main switchboard was not as slick as it needed to be.  A new and improved call handling system is now in place, ensuring customers receive a more efficient and personable service.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this, further suggestions for improvement or any aspect of INDO’s service by clicking here

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