LED Lamps

INDO will now be distributing some new lamps from SALED

New LED Retrofit Lamps

INDO will be teaming up with SALED to release a new range of LED retrofit lamps. With the upcoming RoHS changes, it’s time to say goodbye to outdated and inefficient lighting systems and embrace the future with our high-performance LED lamps. Our range is designed to offer the perfect solution for retrofitting existing light fixtures, providing energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination for subways, businesses, and public spaces. With superior quality, reliability, and easy installation, our LED retrofit lamps are the perfect choice for anyone looking to upgrade their lighting setup. Experience the difference in quality and performance with our LED retrofit lamps!

The range includes:

T8SA (T8 Retrofit)
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Replace conventional T8 fluorescent tubes with an exact fit LED unit. The INDO SALED LED Tube comes with a G13 end cap for extremely quick and efficient installation. These retrofit options are not only extremely energy efficient but their lifetime far exceeds that of conventional fluorescent lamps.

These lamps can be used in a number of different applications including: offices, schools, hospitals, subways and car park lighting.

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T5T6 (T5 Retrofit)

The T5T6 is an ultra efficient LED retrofit for replacement of existing fluorescent lamps. Fitting into all existing lamp holders, this plug and play lamp comes in 3000K, 4000K or 6000K with a high CRI. With a rotating end cap, the lens can be easily aimed in the desired direction. The INDO SALED T5/T6 lamps provide an energy saving of up to 62%.

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PS-T (PL-T or Dulux T/E Retrofit)

Replace your current PL-T or Dulux T/E for an energy-efficient LED PS-T lamp. The lamp is available with the GX24, E27 or B22 lamp bases. Because the PS-T lamp works at 230 volts, the conventional (E)VSA must be switched off, which provides additional energy savings. When mounting, make sure that the fitting does not point upwards.

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PS-S (PL-S or Dulux-S Retrofit)

The LED PS-S lamp replaces conventional PL-S lamps or Dulux-S with the G23 lamp base and two pins. This lamp is often used in ceiling, gallery and wall fittings. These PS-S lamps provide a large energy saving over their predecessors, ie. an 11-watt PL-S is replaced by a 6-watt PS-S.

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PS-L (PLL Retrofit)

The PS-L has been developed as a direct equivalent to a conventional PLL lamp. The LED PS-L is available in multiple different lengths and wattages and can be special ordered with a 90° rotated base.

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PS-C (PL-C Retrofit)

The PS-C has been developed as a one for one LED replacement for a conventional PL-C lamp. The LED PS-C has equivalent (or better) performance to its predecessor and fits into existing fixtures, allowing you to achieve more than 50% energy savings. The PS-C with the GX24 base also fits into G24 fitting.

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LS-S (SOX Lamp Retrofit)

The LS-S provided a high CRI alternative to traditional, low contrast SOX lamps, with a huge efficacy improvement.

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At INDO, we are committed to providing our customers with top-quality LED products that are designed to meet their unique lighting needs. With our range of retrofit lamps, you can easily and affordably upgrade your existing light fixtures and take advantage of the latest LED technology. Don’t wait any longer, start saving energy and money with our LED retrofit lamps.