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INDO introduces second generation OPUS light engine

INDO introduces second generation OPUS light engine

Featuring the latest Chip Scale Package (CSP) LED chip-set and powerful surge protection, INDO’s popular AIR1 LED street lighting units now deliver a more reliable, energy-saving performance with the recent launch its all-new Direct Drive® OPUS2 light engine

Customers will see improved efficacy – up to 80% energy-saving potential, DALI control as standard and enhanced surge protection. There are options up to 4500lm output and the now-familiar benefit of a genuine service lifetime going the full 230,000 hours without needing to plan for or cover the cost of mid-term driver replacement and maintenance.

INDO AIR1 LED Luminaire development
The OPUS engine has been upgraded with more powerful surge protection and the latest CSP LED chips for class-leading energy savings and reliability

This all-new module brings the latest Chip Scale Package (CSP) technology to the low-power end of the luminaire market with LED efficacy up to 171 lm/W and better lumen maintenance (L92B50 at 100,000 hours). Furthermore, a comfortable, lower glare optical specification has been achieved through careful optimisation of the CSP configuration.  Customers will continue to benefit from the technology’s market-leading thermal management and low in-rush currents.

“OPUS2” is available from 2700K up to 5000K and can be specified in several luminaires across the INDO Direct Drive® range: from the functional AIR1 through to contemporary fittings, RADIUS and RD12, as well as the heritage-styled CHANCERY (pictured below). In addition, INDO’s famously expansive LED retrofit gear tray lineup now features the new OPUS2 light engine in single or twin form pushing the output options up to 9,000lm.

INDO CHANCERY is a heritage styled LED luminaire that accommodates the full range of INDO light engines, including OPUS2, without compromising aesthetics

OPUS2 offers a step up in reliability for challenging electricity supplies

As Technical Director, Lawrence Baynham explains;

“The CSPs we’ve selected have no bond wires in their structure and this is the primary point of failure within an LED chip. In addition to this, we took a more robust, belt and braces approach to secondary surge protection following experience in the field of dirty electricity supply instances. The new engine protects against multiple short, sharp overvoltages as well as more sustained surges, both commonly experienced on the UK mains supply. OPUS2 has been rigorously tested against its nearest competitors, defending up to 20kV surges and the results now clearly demonstrate that Direct Drive® can outperform traditional LED driver-led luminaires.”

All in all, these features result in a light engine that delivers best-in-class performance and reliability. OPUS2, whether specified within INDO’s functional, contemporary or heritage lanterns or as a retrofit gear tray, this is the most reliable exterior LED light source of its type.

“Customers love the cost and maintenance savings they get from Direct Drive®, but wanted better energy performance and surge protection for lower-output applications. The advanced technology we’re now employing in OPUS2 delivers all this and more” explains Scott Pengelly, Head of Exterior Lighting for INDO. This is now an unbeatable package for roads, footpaths, cycle lanes, car parks, rail platforms and public realm applications”.

Learn more about the new INDO AIR1 Direct Drive® LED luminaires here

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