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Belisha Beacon Crossing LED Lamps

Belisha Beacon Crossing LED Lamps

  • No unreliable components
  • Lightweight – just 90g
  • Advanced thermal management
  • Huge energy and maintenance savings
  • Designed and made in the UK by INDO
  • Simple installation
  • Flashing option: BLUE, Static option: CLUE
  • B22 or E27

The INDO BLUE and CLUE are INDO’s latest LED direct lamp retrofit, purpose-designed for Belisha Beacons. Energy consumption is very low with a circuit wattage of just 6W creating a highly conspicuous light output.

The units also offer market-leading service lifetime that’s set purely by the lifetime of the LEDs themselves. Financially, payback periods of less than two years are typical.  As you’d expect, the BLUE and CLUE make use of INDO’s unique Direct Drive® circuit, meaning unreliable capacitors have been removed from the circuit, drastically reducing lamp maintenance. In addition, the highly unreliable, rotating flashing unit has been designed out of the system.

Direct Drive® is a technology that lends itself well to the regular switching required in a flashing beacon unit; more so than some other switched-mode power supply technologies.  Having no driver also means the housing is streamlined and light.  These neat models has been specifically designed so as not to put any stress on the lampholder and, at just 90g, is one of the lightest LED Belisha Lamps on the market.

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Additional information

Lamp/Power 3.5W
Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) 5,000K
Control Integrated Photoswitch, Mains
Mounting Negative Twist, Straight Connector
Dimming Fixed
Lens Type Striped
Beam Angle 120 degrees
Weight < 0.1kg
Lumen Maintenance (L80B50) 100,000 hours
Direct Drive Yes
IP Rating IP30
Operating Temperature Range -40 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 70
CMS Compatible Yes
Power Factor >0.95
UMSUG Charge Code(s) Integrated photo sensor [96 0000 0000 100], PLUE [40 0004 0013 100]
Switch Regime (integrated photocell) 100
Risk Group RG1