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  • Superior operational performance
  • LED Replacement for up to 400W HPS equivalent
  • Also available: ELEMENT TWIN (600W HPS Replacement) & ELEMENT TRIPLE (1000W HPS Replacement)
  • No maintenance (no drivers required)
  • Super lightweight
  • No PPF degradation or spectral shift over time
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Better spectral match to plant requirements

INDO ELEMENT is a new LED Direct Drive® Grow Light for the commercial horticultural industry.  Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, this innovative product takes a different approach to all other greenhouse and nursery lighting systems on the market; it is built and operates without the need for an LED driver – improving reliability and lifetime as well as saving growers money and operational hassle.

Direct Drive®.  No more driver changes

The Direct Drive® technology was developed by INDO back in 2010 utilising advanced circuitry design to control the LEDs as opposed to a dedicated driver.  Driver degradation or malfunction has been shown to be responsible for over 50% of all LED light fitting failures; primarily due to wet electrolytic capacitors within the circuit that inherently wear out over time.  Indeed this wear-out process happens at a faster rate within high ambient temperature environments, such as greenhouses.

Other LED grow lights on the market use this traditional technology and therefore require driver replacements every 4-6 years.  INDO ELEMENT, by contrast, does not.  There is no bulky, heat-producing driver on board, enabling a series of revolutionary improvements in product design and function:

  • Up to 250,000 hours lifetime with our 10-year warranty
  • More streamlined, lightweight product form that’s quick and easy to install, access and clean
  • Cooler unit running temperature; guaranteeing longer life and superior reliability
  • With the exception of cleaning, INDO ELEMENT is maintenance-free having no driver to replace

Chip Innovation.  No more red degradation

Our goal with the INDO ELEMENT was to eliminate, as far as possible, all the unreliable, shifting properties of traditional grow lights.  To ensure crops are exposed to spectral conditions that don’t change over the life of the LED lighting system and eliminate any mixing of LED technology.  We identified an issue with red LEDs that, over time, they typically degrade faster than blue LEDs resulting in spectral shift causing inconsistent growth rates and production yields.  As a result, INDO ELEMENT only uses blue LEDs offering growers these benefits:

  • Closer spectral match to plant requirements
  • Improved long term light output stability
  • Zero spectral degradation over the product lifetime

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Additional information

HPS Equivalent Wattage 250W HPS, 400W HPS, 600W HPS, 1000W HPS
LED Spectrum Propagator, Accumulator, Cultivator, Blaze, Garnet
Lens Type DR1, DR2, DR3, DR4, DR5
Weight 3 kg, 6 kg, 9 kg, 12 kg
Direct Drive Yes
Mounting Daisy Chain, Bracket mounted
Rated Lamp Life (Hours) 100,000
Operating Temperature Range -40 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)
CMS Compatible Yes
Dimming DALI
IP Rating IP66
Power Factor >0.95
Voltage (V) 195-265V
Frequency (Hz) 100


Element Datasheet


Available in Accumulator, Cultivator, Propagator, Blaze and Garnet spectrums.