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  • Ideal stop-gap solution
  • Up to 77% annual savings
  • Quick and easy to install
  • HPDC Aluminium heatsink
  • Fully sealed, protective PC cover
  • Quick payback

LPSX is a standard routine maintenance lamp, supplied by INDO as a direct LED retrofit for low pressure sodium lamps. This is the perfect low-cost solution for customers looking for a stop-gap to take advantage of upgrading to LED without the need for full asset replacement.

INDO uses industry-leading components and a carefully arranged LED array to create a more directional footprint ideally suited for streetlighting. Whilst not Direct Drive®, the key components (including driver) have been selected to optimise lifetime.

If you have a SOX lantern run on magnetic gear, LPSX is a handy, direct plug and play replacement with no re-wiring or additional components to install and great energy savings.

LPSX is offered with a 2-year warranty and rated lifetime of 88,000 hours, making this a sturdy, cost-effective option for use in your re-lamping schedules


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Additional information

HPS Equivalent Wattage 250W HPS, 400W HPS, 600W HPS, 1000W HPS
LED Spectrum Propagator, Accumulator, Cultivator
Lens Type DR1, DR2, DR3
Weight 3.0 kg, 6 kg, 9 kg
Direct Drive Yes
Mounting Daisy Chain, Bracket mounted
Rated Lamp Life (Hours) 100,000
Operating Temperature Range -40 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)
CMS Compatible Yes
Dimming DALI
IP Rating IP66
Power Factor >0.95
Voltage (V) 195 – 265V
Frequency (Hz) 100