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  • Integrated photo sensing LED technology
  • Advanced thermal PCB design
  • Huge energy and maintenance savings
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Simple installation

The INDO PLUE is a direct lamp retrofit for traditional fluorescent PL lamps, designed primarily for illuminated traffic signs and bollards. The PLUE’s extremely low energy (circuit wattage of 3.5W) long life and high reliability (MTTF of 535,000 hours) make this an attractive choice even when compared to de-illumination options. Financially, payback periods of under 2 years are typical, with an ROI well in excess of 1,000%.

The PLUE range makes use of the INDO Direct Drive™ circuit, meaning that all wear-out components have been removed from the circuit. An evaluation carried out by external consultants using calculation methods defined in military handbook MIL-HDBK-217F estimated the life of the circuitry to be greater than 100 years when operated under normal UK conditions.

INDO’s patent-pending integrated photo sensing technology can be added as an optional extra, providing switching to Elexon regime 100. This unique feature allows a 24-hour burning circuit to be upgraded to a night-only circuit by a simple lamp change. Furthermore, the design life of the photo-sensing circuit matches that of the LEDs, ensuring maintenance-free operation for decades. The standby power consumption of the photo-sensing circuit is only 0.1W, a fraction of the industry-standard 0.25W.

The optical risk group of this lamp, according to IEC 62471, is RG1. This means the source does not present a retinal blue light hazard. Furthermore, testing determines the lamp to be in the “exempt group” for actinic UV hazard, near UV hazard, retinal thermal hazard and infrared hazard. This testing has been conducted on an LED level, which as outlined in IEC TR62778 can be transferred to the luminaire level.

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Additional information

Lamp/Power 3.5W
Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) 5,000K
Control Integrated Photoswitch, Mains
Mounting Negative Twist, Straight Connector
Dimming Fixed
Lens Type Striped
Beam Angle 120 degrees
Weight < 0.1kg
Lumen Maintenance (L80B50) 100,000 hours
Direct Drive Yes
IP Rating IP30
Operating Temperature Range -40 degrees C (min) to +40 degrees C (max)
Colour Rendering Index (CRI) > 70
CMS Compatible Yes
Power Factor >0.95
UMSUG Charge Code(s) Integrated photo sensor [96 0000 0000 100], PLUE [40 0004 0013 100]
Switch Regime (integrated photocell) 100
Risk Group RG1