LED Decorative Gear Trays, UK

Client UK City Council
Location East of England
Scope Of Work Decorative Gear Tray LED upgrade

Project Detail

INDO retrofit gear trays were installed into two different decorative lantern types (Strands and Albanys). Existing luminaire housing was still of a serviceable condition, not warranting full luminaire replacement just yet. Lighting designs were therefore carried out by INDO on a street by street basis utilising the existing columns and spacings to create a lit scene that matched the 70-150W SON existing environment.

Equipment had to be compatible with the client’s 2-part Telensa CMS system.  Working in partnership with the client, who free-issued the hardware for us to install directly onto the gear trays as part of the manufacturing process meant we delivered a solution that worked straight out of the box.

We have been really happy with the gear trays and impressed with the customer support through all phases of the project. Their customer service, in conjunction with the lighting performance, cost efficiency and energy savings achieved has made it a very successful project. We would recommend INDO to anyone looking for both quality product and great customer service.

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