AIR1 LED Luminaires, Netherlands

Client Municipality of Zuidplas
Location Netherlands, South Holland
Scope Of Work 24 watt PL luminaire LED Replacement

Project Detail

The municipality of Zuidplas has installed the new, sustainable and revolutionary INDO AIR1 models through Saled B.V. The Groenezoompad and the Tinbergenpad are the first places in the Netherlands to be illuminated with the AIR1 LED luminaires, featuring revolutionary Direct Drive® technology by INDO. This is the first phase of the plan to provide all 9,500 lampposts in the municipality with energy-saving LED lighting and thus meet the objectives stated in the Dutch energy agreement.


The municipality has already applied Saled retrofit lamps in the SOX and SON luminaires. When the municipality was looking for suitable new luminaires to replace the old luminaires in the municipality, it came across the Saled exhibition stand during the “Public Space” trade fair. Saled introduced its new INDO LED luminaires with Direct Drive® technology there. The municipality of Zuidplas was immediately convinced of the benefits and wanted to switch to the new lighting as soon as possible

LED solutions

After carefully making a light calculation, Saled replaced the PL 24 watt luminaires with 8 watt AIR1 LED luminaires. This will lead to considerable savings, which will also be enhanced by the efficient dimming protocol. As soon as the lighting is switched on, the LED lighting is at 100% brightness until 11 p.m. In the night hours between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m, the lights dim to 40%, which increases the savings even further. Thanks to the revolutionary Direct Drive® technology, the new lighting is completely maintenance-free The driver and other components, which are very sensitive to wear, are not included in the new AIR1 luminaires. This means that long-term savings can be made on maintenance and replacement costs.