LED Gear Trays, Westminster City Council

Client FM Conway for Westminster City Council
Location Westminster Borough
Scope Of Work Retrofit LED Heritage Upgrade
Schedule 2020-2022

Project Detail

Westminster City Council selected highly sustainable, retrofit LED gear trays from INDO’s extensive range for the heritage luminaire element of its LED rollout programme. The original highway street lighting was a mix of traditional and new light sources with some variation in colour temperatures so the council wanted the new LED programme to deliver good colour rendering and a highly consistent environment.

The project supports Westminster’s ‘City for All’ vision in delivering a lit nighttime environment that meets all current lighting standards. This was also part of the healthier and greener city initiative, the clean air manifesto, crime reduction strategy and the delivery of a key element of the highways capital programme.

Around 6500 existing heritage lanterns are being upgraded to LED as part of the project, 80% of which are of the famous Grey Wornum type.  In total, the team identified 13 main lantern variants on the original inventory.  Experienced lighting service provider, FM Conway, wanted a solution that would work across these different lantern types as well as hitting the lighting levels required for various road environments within the City, whilst keeping the heritage lanterns’ aesthetic appearance intact.

INDO’s world-class gear tray package was chosen, not only for its cost-effective and environmental credentials but also because of the excellent lighting performance, reliability and lifetime benefits.  To reduce SKU stock holdings and simplify installation, a set of eight gear tray designs was supplied to cover all 13 lantern types.  All parties particularly liked the ease of maintenance facilitated by having one solution to fit multiple different lanterns.  FM Conway was also impressed with the integrated photocell feature onboard INDO gear trays.  This was a further benefit, providing a fail-safe back-up to support the CMS system being rolled out at the same time.

Installation is very quick and simple.  The existing HID lamp, gear and reflector plate are simply removed from the unit and replaced entirely with the INDO gear tray.  Lanterns featuring a decorative bowl (regardless of original manufacture) use the INDO gear tray that comes complete with a fully sealed (IP65) tear-drop or round bowl.

Our strong collaboration with INDO meant my team was able to successfully deliver the project with great ease and efficiency. The client was very impressed with the different lantern and gear tray types that were installed and the fact there is no visible chandelier effect.  As a result, Westminster can reap the energy and carbon saving benefits.

Street Lighting Service Manager, FM Conway

INDO and FM Conway have worked collaboratively to ensure an optimum installation solution with a reduced number of SKUs and to the lowest possible energy consumption whilst delivering a beautifully lit environment

  • Single solution retrofits into multiple manufacturers’ units
  • Full DALI capability
  • CLO as standard
  • 3000K
  • Dimmable
  • Fully sealed (IP65) bowls to match the original seal safe solution
  • Smooth, fuss-free installation
  • Low lifetime maintenance
  • No disruption to the public view and aesthetics of the areas, many of which are iconic and frequently appear in UK press and publicity

The project successfully started on time and has kept to program, despite Covid-19 hitting early in the first of a two-year roll-out. Regular communications between the project team at FM Conway, client lead from Westminster City Council and INDO’s dedicated delivery team have ensured the project has remained on track to realise the energy and carbon savings as quickly as possible.

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