SiCURA LED Luminaire, UK

Client UK Highways Contractor
Location North England
Scope Of Work LED 1-for-1 Upgrade

Project Detail

Rural areas in the North of England are in the process of converting street lights from incandescent to LED in conjunction with their highway maintenance contractor.  The INDO SiCURA units have been chosen for several Parishes to reduce energy consumption by 50%+, as part of the requirement to meet savings targets and carbon reduction commitments while improving highway illumination levels.  As the existing columns were all in good condition, the luminaires have replaced all the old fittings on a one-for-one basis.

The new units are very easy to cable up and wire in which is making the installation very quick.

The 1500 lumen output SiCURA’s are a welcoming, warm colour at 3000K and feature 7-pin NEMA connections, meaning customers have a future-proofed lantern that provides simplified installation and standardised dimming compatibility.  The client is also benefiting from the improved reliability and lower maintenance costs of Direct Drive.  This technology enables the street lights to operate without any wear-out components, thus eliminating the cost and environmental impact of driver replacements every 5-7 years required with standard LED street lights.