RAIL Overview

Innovative products for improved reliability and safety in the Rail sector

Although new to Rail, INDO isn't new to LED lighting. Established in 2007 and now one of the UK’s leading brands in the public lighting sector, INDO is bringing its proven technology and fresh approach to the Rail sector

As a UK manufacturer of innovative outdoor lamps and luminaires, INDO Lighting has taken the industry by storm in recent years with its pioneering range of high performance, “driverless” LED street lighting units and lamp retrofit solutions. The technology takes a different approach from other outdoor luminaires, doing away with all unreliable (and costly) wear-out components.

We are keen to demonstrate how our innovative products and technology can benefit rail; where improved reliability, safety and minimal closures are being sought alongside efficiency and cost reduction drives. INDO offers a high level of technical collaboration to help clients through the entire project life cycle and deliver specialist lighting solutions that make a real difference to the rail industry.


What makes AIR2 perfect for Rail?

From open platforms and car parks through to station footpaths, AIR2 delivers a solid passenger experience using up to 80% less energy.  Operationally, it offers many unique benefits made possible by INDO’s Direct Drive® and photocell technology; such as:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lower whole-life risk
  • Single operative installation
  • Vastly superior reliability and design life
  • Stronger environmental credentials (no driver WEE waste going to landfill)
  • Improved cost control
  • Single warranty covers the entire luminaire
  • Reduced load burden on columns (equal or improved weight and windage)

Choosing an INDO product ensures minimal disruption to rail operations, both during installation and throughout scheme lifetime; mitigating many of the risks associated with rail lighting work.

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Carriage Interior T8RS

T8RS is a high quality retrofit LED tube solution designed by INDO specifically for interior carriage lighting.  It uses pioneering Direct Drive® technology, eliminating the need for an LED driver and consequently offering a host of additional benefits that overcome many rail customer challenges.

T8 station upgrades

T8XE is INDO’s most advanced standard LED replacement for T8 fluorescent lamps.  It offers superior quality and performance versus cheaper online offerings; such as more LEDs, lower drive current and higher quality heat sink, dimming function and rotatable end caps.  For rail applications with awkward access, the reduced lumen depreciation and improved reliability represents excellent value for money

Heritage LED modernisation

For wholesale schemes or pre-existing traditionally styled stations with listed lighting columns and fixtures, modernising heritage to LED is simple with gear trays.  Platform canopies, station entrances, car parks and ticket halls with these highly visible, passenger-facing fixtures can now take advantage of improved lighting and energy reductions while still retaining their original, charming character

Tunnel Fitting

As well as being suitable for tunnels, the TLSW is a robust, high pressure die cast fitting that is well suited for under-canopy, subway and underpass lighting applications within the rail industry.  With 3 lamp options and two distinct optics, the photometric output will be just the ticket for a range of requirements

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Example Station Upgrade Calculation

LED drivers fail early in hot conditions, resulting in the need for continued maintenance.  By contrast, Direct Drive® technology is ideally suited to high ambient temperature operation and wont give you premature lamp failures

INDO Rail Credentials

  • Member of the Rail Alliance since 2016
  • Section 12 approval on a range of products
  • T8RS bespoke designed carriage lighting product 
  • AIR2 40yr design life for infrastructure & platforms
  • Pro-lite framework 

What is Direct Drive?

Direct Drive® is a breakthrough innovation which eliminates the need for a driver in the LED fitting, employing advanced circuitry that’s mounted on the PCB instead.  Maintenance is reduced to just clean and test. The technology was recognised in 2017 when INDO was granted with the Queens Award for Innovation

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