Simon Martin
Operations Director

Get to know Simon

As Operations Director, Simon is accountable for the end to end supply chain and performance of INDO’s procurement, manufacturing and warehousing functions. He provides leadership and governance to ensure sustained process compliance and the delivery of operational excellence.

One of his key areas of focus is the deployment of a LEAN operating system; to create a visual factory that’s underpinned by daily accountability and a standardised work culture.

Simon’s background

Simon is Honeywell Lean Expert Certified and has an impressive background, spanning 22 years of manufacturing sector experience within the electronics, safety product and aerospace industries.

Before joining INDO, he was Head of Operations at GKN Aerospace with responsibility for strategic direction and tactical execution in a high risk aerospace components facility. Simon co-ordinated LEAN implementation through extended business functions and was accountable for all aspects of operational performance.

Prior to that, he worked at multinational power management company, Eaton Corporation, as Operational Excellence CI Manager – looking after their high profile Fuel Systems Division plant. This role followed 10 years at Honeywell where Simon held key positions deploying HOS (Honeywell Operating System) supporting multiple sites, implementing the organisation’s LEAN enterprise strategy in addition to delivering a structured program of tool and behavioural coaching, mentoring and teaching.

Simon’s exceptional skills for developing a robust operational infrastructure, process capability and people improvement within highly regulated industries means he is perfectly positioned to ensure INDO’s manufacturing operation is world-class.

What’s your view on the team here and your view on the lighting industry?

INDO has a diverse and hugely experienced team, able to draw on many years of best practices and standards. We drive a culture of continuous improvement, each of us striving to be better every day, so we can ensure that, as an Operations team, we deliver only the highest service to our customer.

The industry is experiencing huge technical advances and with the introduction and evolution of increasingly complex electronic and optical systems, is bringing greater control and elevated efficiencies to our everyday life – what an exciting time to be part of an industry that reaches and touches everyone!

He’s pretty proud of…

Leading the deployment of an operating system transformation program, resulting in the business being awarded Cranfield Factory of the Year 2014

What you’ll find him doing on days off

  • Mountain Biking
  • Walking and outdoor pursuits
  • Italian cuisine and cooking

And his favourite website is… GOOGLE

Because it’s the stepping stone to everything I want and need to know!