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INDO has developed a wide variety of high performing, carefully tailored light spectrums for the Horticultural Market.
Light wavelengths have significant impact on plant health and growth. Our in-depth guides break down the essential spectrums from blue to red and beyond – and reveal how each contributes to rooting, flowering, and overall plant growth.

Standard Spectrum

Description: The Standard spectrum includes a balanced combination of blue and red light, covering the 400-700 nm range.

Benefits: This is a well-rounded spectrum suitable for most stages of plant growth. It encourages healthy vegetative growth, flowering, and fruiting, making it a versatile choice for many crops.

Available on: HortiLink, VertiLink, TerraLink – 600, TerraLink – 800

Accumulator Spectrum

Description: The Accumulator spectrum is rich in red and blue light, with a focus on balanced wavelengths in the 400-700 nm range.
Benefits: Suitable for all growth stages, this spectrum promotes overall plant health, photosynthesis, and compact growth. It’s versatile and can be used from propagation to flowering, making it an excellent choice for full-cycle growth.

Available on: ELEMENT

Cultivator Spectrum

Description: The Cultivator spectrum leans heavily toward the red end of the spectrum (600-700 nm).

Benefits: Designed for the flowering and fructification stages of plants. High red light content promotes photosynthesis, flowering and fruiting, making it optimal for supplemental lighting in outdoor settings and for the later stages of plant growth.

Available on: ELEMENT

Blaze Spectrum

Description: The Blaze spectrum emphasizes red and far-red light wavelengths (600-800 nm).

Benefits: Designed to promote flowering and fruiting in plants. High red and far-red light content encourages flowering initiation and can be particularly effective for crops that require specific light cues for bloom development.

Available on: ELEMENT, HortiLink, TerraLink – 600, TerraLink – 800

Propagator Spectrum

Description: The Propagator spectrum leans heavily toward the blue end of the spectrum (400-500 nm).

Benefits: Designed for the propagation and early growth stages of plants. High blue light content encourages strong root development and compact, healthy seedlings. It’s suitable for use in propagation or germination chambers.

Available on: ELEMENT, VertiLink

White Only Spectrum

Description: The White only spectrum is a full spectrum, ideal for all stages of growth and growers with various types of crop such as R&D centres and universities.

Benefits: Boasting the highest colour rendering, this spectrum is optimal for spotting issues with plants as soon as they appear such as diseases and pests.

Available on: HortiLink, VertiLink