INDO Catches Eye of The Telegraph Business Club

INDO Lighting speaks to the Telegraph about the growth of the business and how the company's innovative Direct Drive technology has made an impact in a very competitive, budget-conscious market

In just 10 years, INDO Lighting has made a significant impact in its key market, which is public lighting for residential, highways, trunk roads and motorways. It has grown rapidly from the start and aims to increase its turnover by a factor of two year-on-year. That’s a remarkable achievement for a young, innovative company operating in a sector that’s risk-averse and tends to favour the larger, traditional players.

One of the biggest factors in its success has been the technical ingenuity that led to the design of Direct Drive – a technology which uses advanced control circuitry to power LEDs, and which eliminates the need for bulky, failure-prone drivers.

Sceptical customers in local authorities have been swayed by INDO’s persuasive combination of longer service with lower risk, maintenance and lifecycle costs.

INDO is now moving into new sectors, including horticulture, and expanding into overseas markets, especially in harsh environmental conditions where Direct Drive’s low heat generation and long service will bring even greater benefits.

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